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Web Traffic Is Soaring For Charlotte Small Business Owners

Apr 24, 2020 10:49:53 AM / by Larry Julius

Advertise In Charlotte: Online ShoppingSince the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, consumers are not flocking into the showrooms, storefronts, offices, or dining rooms of Charlotte small business owners. It turns out, though, social distancing has not proven to be an impediment to shopping.

North Carolina consumers are still spending money despite the chaos imposed by the pandemic, according to Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell & Associates. His company specializes in the collection of marketing data from business owners across the country.

"During depressions, recessions, floods, hurricane, earthquakes, fires, and, now, pandemics, commerce goes on," Mr. Borell told members of Charlotte's small business community during a recent teleconference.

To prove his point, he shared research from IBISworld  which, indicates spending continues despite a plunge in consumer confidence.

Advertise In Charlotte: Crisis Marketing

With limited access to brick-and-mortar transactions, Charlotte area consumers have been gravitating online in a big way to research, compare, and purchase goods and services from Charlotte area small business owners.Advertise in Charlotte: View Success Guide

According to Analytic Owl, a web traffic attribution service, since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, many North Carolina businesses have seen a significant increase in the number of website visitors. This includes a diverse range of categories, including auto body repair, landscaping, home security, hardware, and pet care, among many others.

Advertise In Charlotte: Web Traffic

As the importance of online-traffic replaces store-traffic as a key performance indicator during the current crisis, many small business owners are shifting their advertising and marketing resources into increasing the number of visitors to their websites.

Perhaps the most powerful tactic a business owner can use is advertising on Charlotte radio.

Each week, more consumers are reached by Charlotte radio than all other media. More than local TV. More than social media. More than Pandora and Spotify.  According to research from Nielsen, radio's reach has remained little changed during the current crisis.

Advertise In Charlotte Media Reach

Nielsen also has discovered that of all the media elements associated with an advertising campaign, the number of different consumers reached by an advertising campaign has the most potent effect on sales lift. Reach also plays a vital role in driving website visits.

Analytic Owl has the technology to attribute increases in a company's website traffic directly to radio advertising.

For instance, for the Charlotte business categories showing significant growth during the Corona crisis, local radio, historically, has shown the ability to positively affect web traffic within eight minutes of a commercial airing.

Advertise In Charlotte: Radio Drives web traffic

During 'normal' times, improving online traffic has been important to the growth of Charlotte area small businesses. During this time of chaos, driving web visits is critical to a company's survival.  

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