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Newspaper Advertising In Charlotte: Advice For Small Business Owners

Oct 14, 2020 3:53:37 PM / by Larry Julius

Advertise In The Charlotte ObserverCharlotte area business owners are expected to spend $51.3 million on newspaper advertising in 2020. This will be 31% fewer dollars than were spent in 2019, according to a study by Borrell Associates, a company that analyzes local media expenditures across the country.

Of course, the pandemic is part of the reason advertising revenues have plummeted at Charlotte newspapers. But, the more significant factor is the sustained erosion of readership.

For example, between October 2017 and March 2019, the Monday-Saturday circulation of the Charlotte Observer has decreased by 35%. The Sunday edition suffered a 34% decrease.

Newspaper Advertising In Charlotte Charlotte Observer Circulation

Among all advertising media available to small business owners, newspaper's ability to reach adult consumers now lags significantly behind Charlotte radio, cable, broadcast TV, and social media.

Advertise In Charlotte Adult Media Reach 2020

Charlotte consumers' defection from local newspapers as a preferred source for local news is part of a national pattern.

The Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank that studies public opinion, finds that among Americans, television (49%), the internet (33%), radio (26%), and social media (20%) have all eclipsed newspapers (16%) as the go-to media for news. 

Remarkably, Pew finds that a quarter of consumers are finding their news on YouTube.Advertise in Charlotte: View Success Guide

"YouTube also has become an important source of news for many Americans. About a quarter of all U.S. adults (26%) say they get news on YouTube. And while relatively few of these people say it is their primary news source, most say it is an important way they stay informed," says Pew.

The consumers who still read Charlotte newspapers each week tend to be older and live in less affluent households, according to Nielsen.

Newspaper Advertising In Charlotte Observer: Age Demographic

Newspaper Advertising In Charlotte Observer: Household Demographics

Most importantly, Charlotte newspapers are not reaching the local consumers who are likely to be making significant purchases over the next 12 months.

Newspaper Advertising In Charlotte Observer: Purchase Intent

Small business owners can easily reach the entirety of newspaper's remaining audience by advertising on other media outlets. For instance, every week, 89.9% of local newspaper readers are also are reached by Charlotte radio.

Advertise In The Charlotte Observer Reach

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