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Small Business Advice: 5 Facts About Advertising On Charlotte Radio

Dec 17, 2020 8:32:07 AM / by Larry Julius

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Local radio came to Charlotte on March 18, 1922. That's when the Federal Radio Commission granted a license to the Southern Radio Corporation with the randomly assigned call sign, WBT.

From studios located in the Realty Building located at the corner of Trade and Tryon, WBT began broadcasting music from phonograph records for two hours each day. The station's early broadcasts were heard by about 22,000 people using hand-built radio receivers.

For almost 100 years, small business owners have depended on local radio stations to successfully market their goods and services through depressions, recessions, wars, and natural disasters. Even now, during a pandemic, advertising on Charlotte radio remains a dependable way to make cash registers ring.

Here are five facts every Charlotte Small business owner needs to know about local radio in 2020.

1. Charlotte Radio Reach More Adult Consumers Every Week Than All Other Media

Each week, according to Nielsen, more local consumers tune-in to local radio than watch Charlotte television, connect to cable-TV, read the newspaper, browse social media, or listen to streaming audio sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising In Charlotte Media Reach 2020(r2)

2. Local Radio Reaches More Charlotte Millennials Every Week Than All Other Advertising Options

The millennial generation now accounts for over 30% of every retail dollar spent in Charlotte.  This generation was the first to inject online and digital options into their daily media usage. Local radio still reaches more members of this age group than all other advertising options available to Charlotte small business owners.Advertising In Charlotte Reach Millennials (Dec20)

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3. The Time Consumers Spend Listening To Charlotte Radio Is Little Changed  From One Year Ago

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has created significant changes in the media, work, mobility, commuting, shopping, and lifestyle habits of local consumers.  Something that has not changed, very little, is the length of time adults spend listening to Charlotte radio every day. 

Advertising On Charlotte Radio Time Spent Listening (nov20)

4. Charlotte Radio Has The Greatest Reach Among College-Educated Consumers

There are 676,000 adults in the Charlotte area who have earned a four-year college or postgraduate degree, according to research from Nielsen. A study from the Federal Reserve indicates that these educated consumers have been least affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic, and they have money to spend now.

Advertising In Charlotte Reaching Educated Consumers

5. Advertising On Charlotte Radio Is The Best Way To Reach Online Shoppers

Charlotte shoppers are expected to spend a record $6.7 billion online in 2020, based on the most recent projections from eMarketer. This would represent year-over-year growth of 32.4%.

During the same period, according to eMarketer, receipts at brick-and-mortar stores have contracted by 3.2%.  Overall, excluding gas and auto sales, e-commerce will account for 20.6% of all retail sales this year.

By any measure, the best way to reach local online consumers is by advertising on Charlotte radio.

Last week, for instance, local radio reached significantly more online shoppers than all other local media including, Charlotte TV, cable, newspaper, or social media.

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