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Digital Advertising In Charlotte: How To Get Found Online

Sep 30, 2022 10:29:18 AM / by Larry Julius

Last year, $1.6 billion in marketing was spent online to reach Charlotte area consumers, according to projections based on the 2021 IAB Internal Advertising Report.  This is 35% more than was spent during the prior year.

There is a correlation between the massive amount of money being spent to reach Charlotte consumers online and the extraordinary amount of time that these consumers are connecting to the internet via websites and apps.

According to Nielsen, 46.6% of Charlotte adults are spending 10-plus hours during an average week online. Furthermore, The Pew Research Center, a public opinion research company, reports that one-in-three consumers say they are online constantly. A 50% increase from 2015.  In all, 85% of consumers say they connect at least once daily.

To successfully market and advertise a Charlotte business on the internet requires a full-scale understanding of precisely what online marketing is.  Spoiler alert, having a website or having a social media site is not enough.

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5 Key Advertising Stats Charlotte Small Business Owners Should Know

Feb 22, 2021 11:09:04 AM / by Larry Julius

Since 1922, advertising on Charlotte radio has helped small business owners survive and thrive during times of peril. This includes world wars, natural disasters, depressions, and recessions.

Even during a pandemic, by almost every key marketing metric, radio advertising remains the best way for a Charlotte business to market its goods and services.

To prove the point, here are five statistics that vividly demonstrate the value of advertising on Charlotte radio.

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